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Sophisticated Shaker Kitchens

Classic, timeless and so elegant, the Shaker style kitchen has been a go to for decades but for a short time went out of style with high gloss, handless ranges taking centre stage. However in the last year or so we have seen a peak in shaker popularity with our customers looking for a more classic kitchen with contemporary detailing such as quartz worktops and ironmongery in golds and rose gold.

Mornington Moodboard.jpg

Depending on your individual style and house look and feel we can adapt the shaker kitchen to match your lifestyle perfectly, whether that’s a country style kitchen with classic details like Corbels underneath open shelving to a more contemporary feel with matt black handles. One of the best things about all these finishes are they are changeable, so if in 5 years you decide rose gold is no longer your thing simply change the handles and accessories.

We offer a vast range of styles and colours in our Shaker doors to accommodate all budgets and individual tastes. Pop in to see us today to create your dream kitchen or contact us via the link below.

Moodboard Fun!

If you are starting to think about designing your new kitchen it can feel like a very daunting and at times overwhelming task that can often put people off for years, but there are a few key things you can start to do that can make your experience a whole lot less stressful and enjoyable!

1909 shaker Moodboard.jpg

Your Wish List

We always start by asking our customers how the space needs to work for them, their needs and how they operate in the kitchen. Some of you absolutely love nothing more than cooking everyday, baking and having large family gatherings others simply want to hear the ping of a microwave and the speed of a boiling water tap, talking through these factors are vital to getting the design of your kitchen working for you. With that in mind between you and your family start jotting down your ‘wish list’, what are the things you couldn’t live without and what are the things that you would dream of having in your kitchen? This could be anything from an under cabinet dog bed (yes we can do this for your furry friend!) to quartz worktops.


Traditional moodboarding comprises of a physical board of ideas comprising of an overall interiors theme, this could include fabric, flooring and paint samples along with inspirational imagery that you may of seen in a magazine or online. This is a really fun way of getting your creative ideas flowing, you could do several to see which theme you are gravitating towards the most. Even better get the children to do their own for a fun summer activity and see who’s you all love the best or take elements from a few.


Oh Pinterest how we love you but how you play with our minds! Pinterest is the easiest, quickest and simplest way to create an online moodboard of all your favourite looks and likes. But beware with pinterest that your head can be turned easily, one minute you see a beautiful shaker style white kitchen the next a charcoal grey handless that equally fills your designer heart with joy, both completely opposite both you love, so which to choose? We have this a lot with customers who just find the choice overwhelming, our advice? Stop pinning so much! Go back to your first love, which scheme do you time and time keep going back to? This is the one you will most likely be able to live with in the long term. We love Pinterest and its really helpful when customers come in with their online boards but just vigilant of getting into a Pinterest rabbit hole!

So when It comes to moodboarding, the first rule is to have fun! Go with all the crazy ideas your heart desires at first, colours, styles, fabrics or it may just start with a beautiful bar stool you just have to have and we can go from there. Then pop into the showroom here at IDEAS and we can help you consolidate all your wild kitchen fantasies into the beautiful and bespoke kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to book your appointment and start your new kitchen journey.

IDEAS' moment in the spotlight

A big hello from us all at IDEAS kitchens, we have been a bit quiet on here of late as we have been so busy designing kitchens for you lovely lot! We found out recently that one of them has even made it into the national Interiors magazine HomeStyle Magazine in their August 2019 edition, which we are so proud of. A beautiful Remo gloss door finished in porcelain with marble white quartz worktop and NEFF appliances. We think it looks fab, what do you think?

magazine digital 3.PNG

A Kitchen Makeover

Having purchased their first home together Hope (who works for IDEAS) & Adam knew there was lot to do to renovate their dated 1930s house into a home fit for modern living.

“We are really lucky that our garden is south facing, which is where our kitchen and dining room are, so we really wanted to maximise the feeling of space in these rooms as we originally had a tiny galley kitchen and quite a dark feeling dining room”, explains Hope. The first thing they did was rip out the existing 1950’s kitchen and knock through the wall that separated the kitchen/dining room.

The original back door and window to the kitchen were blocked up to make way for a run of tall housings to maximise the feeling of a much larger space in what is still essentially a galley kitchen. They chose the Remo handless door in cashmere with a Marble white quartz worktop and large central peninsular to organically combine both the spaces. On the opposite walls to the kitchen in the dining room two of the walls are painted in a deep, rich navy blue which gives such a cosy and inviting feeling to a room which otherwise could feel quite clinical. “I had a lot of people comment that I was making a mistake with the blue, but I felt with an off white gloss kitchen, in a south facing room it was needed otherwise we were in danger of having a room which would feel cold”.

After the months of renovating it is so lovely to have all our friends and family over for dinner parties and BBQ’s, it is such a brilliant entertaining space and we could not be happier with how the kitchen works for us!









The Quooker Boiling Water Tap

The Quooker flex tap is one of the IDEAS’ teams favorite kitchen products, an innovative and clever tap which saves money, water and makes a cup of tea in record time! The flex is the newest addition to the Quooker range combining a boiling water tap with a flexible pull out hose for easy cleaning around the sink. Once you start using the Quooker tap it is hard to imagine a kitchen without one, it eliminates the need for a kettle, therefore freeing up valuable workspace as well as having the option to provide you with filtered tap water.


Did you know that the Quooker Taps are the only boiling water taps on the market that deliver your water at 100°C.There is a tap on the worktop and a tank underneath your sink to deliver you that perfect cup of tea everytime! You can choose to either have a separate Quooker tap next to your usual mixer tap or the Quooker flex/fusion which is single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. There is also the option to have a filtered water tank installed alongside your boiling water tank.



If you are worried that the Quooker tap may be wasteful, think again! The high-vacuum insulation ensures that the Quookers standby usage is just 3 pence per day.  For an even more efficient tap choose a COMBI tank, an economical way to produce both hot and boiling water.


One of the questions about the Quooker is “Is it safe?”, the answer in short is extremely! Gone of the days of worrying about dropping the kettle, spilling it or scalding yourself with steam. The Quooker is fitted with a ‘push and twist’ child proof handle and insulated casing insuring it never feels hot to touch. The way the water is dispensed means the flow is more of a spray than a solid jet, giving you plenty of time to get your hands out of the way if the worst was to happen.

No kitchen is complete without its Quooker.

Pop into IDEAS Nottingham today to see how it works.

It's all about the Pantry

In the last year or so the we have had more and more requests for built in pantry or larder units on our customers kitchen Wishlist’s and we love them! They add another layer of interest to a kitchen and can include beautiful details both inside and out. They can either be built into an existing tall housing bank that includes your ovens/fridges etc or as a stand a lone centre piece in your kitchen space. Traditionally a pantry unit will accommodate beautiful solid oak side store units, which are useful for things such as spices/preserves or cereals and then inside a series of drawers and shelving units to house any other household food essentials. However, we are frequently being asked to re-think the traditional pantry to house a drinks station to include an integrated coffee machine, hot water tap or how about a cocktail pantry?! We have a few key considerations to think about if you are planning a built-in pantry:

· What appliances do you use in your kitchen the most that you would like to hide such as toasters, kettles etc, these can all be popped away in a cleverly designed pantry

· Would you make use of a spice racks and drawers?

· Solid worktop or wood inside? If you are wanting to use your pantry as a drinks station you will most probably need to have a solid worktop such as Quartz, if it is purely for food you will be fine with wood shelving, inserts and worktop

· Will you want little hands to be able to help themselves to snacks or will you want everything out of reach?

· Is there any integrated appliances you would love to have within the pantry, a microwave? Coffee machine? Hot water tap & small sink?

Our Trip To The PWS HQ

Last week Helen, Paul and Hope visited one of our kitchen door distributors PWS at their headquarters in Durham, to check out lots of beautiful new kitchen ranges as well as some old favorites. We also got to take a sneak peak of their brand new state of the art paint factory where many of your kitchens would of been sprayed!

PWS have a natural flair for thinking outside the box when it comes to design and the way they display their collection, it is really inspiring to see and gives us plenty of ideas for our own showroom displays. All in all we had a fantastic time and learnt so much about all the new ranges, we are feeling inspired and ready to tell you all about how we can help you design your ideal kitchen.

How to Budget for your kitchen

In today’s blog post we take one kitchen layout and apply it to three budgets. We get asked a lot at IDEAS what a rough quote for a kitchen at ‘X x Y’ would cost, but as explained below there are 1000’s of variables from doors, worktops and appliances to make your kitchen truly unique to you and your needs. You may just be shocked at the low starting price for many of our kitchens and we will always endeavour to price match, so if you find a quote cheaper elsewhere we will match it. Book in to speak to one of our designers today on (0115) 922 1188. So which would you choose?

Belsay Door.jpg

One - £4,400*

This beautiful shaker style kitchen is bang on trend and is shown in one of our most affordable doors we offer the new Belsay range by PWS. It is an incredible door and at an amazing price. Pair with copper or gold handles for an extra stylish touch. This price includes:

  • BELSAY door available in 4 colours (shown in Graphite)

  • Glass splashback

  • Laminate worktop

  • Carcass’s, pelmet, cornice and plinths

  • Microwave lift-up door

Porter matte door.jpg

Two - £5,300*

If you are looking for a more contemporary style for your kitchen then look no further than the Glacier door which is shown in a stunning metallic blue. Sophisticated, classy and simple we just love this look. This price includes:

  • Glacier door (shown in metallic blue)

  • Glass splashback

  • Laminate worktop

  • Carcass’s, pelmet, cornice and plinths

  • Microwave lift-up door

Broadoak paint to order.jpg

Three - £7,000*

Looking for something really bespoke? How about this Broadoak paint to order door? Choose from over 25 stunning colours or mix and match two colours for a unique style. We would pair this door with gold handles and a gold tap for a high end finish. This price includes:

  • Broadoak paint to order door (available in over 25 colours)

  • Glass splashback

  • Laminate worktop (upgrade to Qaurtz for a really sleek finish!)

  • Carcass’s, pelmet, cornice and plinths

  • Microwave lift-up door

* Please note all kitchens quoted above do not include fitting, appliances or handles and are based on specific kitchen measurements. Please contact us today to receive an accurate quote for your dream space!

*A basic integrated 5 piece appliance CDA package starts at £1,850 and basic 5 piece appliance NEFF package starts at £2,350